Busy week this week for me and the Ryders. Am, at present, getting stuck into the first proof read of the book after it arrived Tuesday. Because of the way Matador works, I am having to enter all the copy edits myself as Mum reads them from they marked manuscript rather than just reading through the changes and okaying them as we did with the Book Guild. A whopping 400 pages to be checked and changed! Understandably this means my weekends are going to be taken up for some time so this means no more opinionated blogs for the immediate future (sorry, but I mainly do them to get people interested in my fictional work anyway!)

Also this week, Dynamo got back to me with the final draft  on the cover and inside map before it goes to colouring. There were a couple of tiny things I wasn't happy with (including the spelling of the title, it's Ryders not Riders!) that they have sorted for be and it's beginning to look really good. Check it out!  

Ley Ryders

This page is dedicated to my latest novel 'Ley Ryders'; an exciting new fantasy adventure. It tells the tale of Petronia, the mute daughter of a simple blacksmith who feels she is destined to become a Ley Ryder; a sacred band of women who devote their lives to aiding others through the healing power of crystals and follow the guiding  influence of the  mystical force known as the Ley.
Petronia's brother Hayden however is suspicious of the Ryders motives and fearfully protective of his sister. Together, the siblings venture out with the Ryders to discover the truth of Petronia's uncanny talents in sensing the Ley, but are these  abilities signs of glorious wonder or omens of evil?

On their journey, Hayden and Petronia will encounter many wonderous sights and  perilous challenges. Follow them as they confront ancient magic, strange and deadly mechanical creatures, noble Dwarves, and lame but couragous princes as they seek out Petronia's true voice!


7Little ripples, that's how the Ley works, any good Ryder will tell you that. Little ripples of publicity out there too, telling people about my book. The Irish Wheelchair Association's magazine Spoke Out   has a piece about disabled writers in their Autumn issue and I was very happy to tell them all about my work and the self-publishing process, you can read about it herehttp://www.iwa.ie/information/publications/spokeout-magazine
​Also there is a lovely review on Sci-Fi Bulletin https://scifibulletin.com/books/fantasy/review-ley-ryders/
A quick  thank you to my friend Lucy Pond for the lovely  words about me and the launch on her Facebook page  Aiden's Christmas Dinner Project. Lucy's little boy Aiden (Aiden? Hayden? It all joins up) suffered  from  rare genetic condition and sadly died  2014. Since then Lucy and her family having set up a scheme that provides families whose children are in hospital over Christmas with a proper festive meal and presents. They  also do loads for the Dame Vera Lynn School for Parents which Aiden attended. Both are great causes helping kids and families who really need it so please  let the Ley push you in the direction of their site and make a donation.Remember diamond is the crystal for abundance.
With Ley Ryders finally released to the public, I am happy to say that I have received a lot of good initial feedback. First of all this article by Hilary Mackelden in the Kent & Sussex Courier. You can read it below,  I am also featured in Books Monthly and Good Reads
​The Big Day. The official launch of Ley Ryders at Crowborough Golf Club. The evening went really well and it was so nice to see so many friends and familiar faces turning out to support  me, thank you all for coming. I was really spoilt by my family  who organised a wonderful event, I even had a Ley Ryders cake! In all we sold around 30 books which isn't at all bad. Also a columnist from the Kent & Sussex Courier came along and is going to write a review so hopefully that will produce even more sales.
Check out this great article about me and Ley Ryders in Crowborough Life Magazine  Hopefully this will mean we will get some more sales in the local area. Also more people have finished reading it and posted some reviews on Amazon . Don't forget, if you have finished my book, please, please log in and say what you think as it helps me get better ratings. You can also review it on WHSmith's site if you want.
Just a quick update on what's been happening recently with Ley Ryders. It is now available not only through Amazon but also WHSmith's website and the telegraph bookshop section.
​Also, I have just come back  from an exhibition put on but my mum's art group where I managed to sell eight copies. I really hope the people who have bought them enjoy them.
Someone has finished my book and they loved it, I'm so pleased! Take a look at what a friend of my aunt had to say about Ley Ryders:-

'I have just read the most amazing book! I wanted to read it because it was written by the niece of a dear friend of mine - but hey - when I picked it up I couldnt put it down! Last night I had to creep into another room so that hubby could get some sleep - I just had to finish it! If you love beautiful prose and want to be transported into a world that is believable and magic - read this book! Holly she is an absolute genius!!!!'
​Back to reality Thursday and back to work at CHEC where I was proudly showing off my new book to all my  friends and colleagues. They were so impressed. In preparation for the launch of the 7th April CHEC has produced this very swish tablecloth for me to sign my books on.
​ Already the few people who have started my book are really enjoying it and I have got some excellent feedback.
​It's finally here! Today my first  fifty personnal copies of Ley Ryders arrived  from Troubador. I am so excited and proud. I really can't believe how big it  is and that's it's actually here WOW. This means of course that it now available through Amazon and the usual channels. A big thanks to all the folk at Troubador for all their help as well as my Mum, Dad and Auntie Jack for all their time,  patience and help getting it finished. Still no word on the date of the launch but I will let you know as soon as it is  arranged.
​14th February 2017. That's THE date people. The date when you will finally be able to by Ley Ryders in shops and online. I am so excited and just cannot wait to see the final physical copy of my work. Troubador has sent out press releases to numerous publications and I await with fingers firmly crossed that these magazines and websites will take an interest in my writing. We are having a launch which I will post about once the date is confirmed. All we have to do now is count down the days! 
There's no turning back now! Yesterday saw me finally signing the Proof for Press form for Troubador giving the permission to at last turn Ley Ryders into the final book. As you can imagine, I am extremely excited and can't believe the next time I'll see me work it's be in the form of an actual physical novel. I was a little sad that it wasn't out in time for me to give it as Christmas presents but the launch and promotion will be an exciting start  to 2017. Also my interview promotion my work has now been published in Troubador's trade magazine which you can see below. 
It's finally here!Well sort of. The social media accounts for Ley Ryders, including the Amazon page, went live today. However because the redrafting took a wee bit longer than expected the actual book itself isn't released yet. We were hoping today would be the launch day but it looks like it has been pushed back, possibly until the beginning of next year.  I can't really say anything for certain yet but you can definitely preorder the paperback addition by visiting Amazon or clicking on this link . I have also got an 'official' book  website here where you can sign up and share your thoughts on my work as well as creating quizzes. There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter  account, although you can still follower me at my old Twitter account for my regular personnal, disability and blog news. I haven't got access to the sites yet but I will be updating them soon.
We are heading into the home straight people! On Tuesday, I received a large parcel from Matador containing the very final proofs of the whole page layouts, all 676 of them! So this week I've taken some time off work (and from writing my blog) for me and Mum to go through it. Bit of a mammoth task, as it always is, but the good thing is that this time we are only checking the hard paper copy so we can sit all cosy by the fire and read it through together. It is quite surprising, even at this stage how many small mistakes, missing commas and capital letters the proof reader has found. This is our last chance to make absolutely sure there are no errors before my work is turned into the actual finished book. All very exciting andI can't wait to see the final product. Still no sure date on the launch but Mum and I are buckling down every spare moment to make sure it is as soon as possible.

Things are really coming together now. Last week, I received the style proofs from Matador, these show what the actual pages will look like when they're laid out in the book. I took them into work to get them trimmed down to actual size.  I'm pretty happy with how they look. I did have a minor issue with the size of the text of the story as it looked a wee bit small so I've had them up it by a point and now it looks a lot better. This is the last stage before te whole thing is turned into a proper book. Can't wait to see it in full form.

Trumpet toots, I've finally finished proof reading and making changes to my manuscript and emailed it back to Troubador! The process has taken me over two monthes. Next  up will be the typesetting, which involves laying out the text as it will appear in the finished book. All very exciting and I can't wait to see my work beginning to look like a proper book! Celebrated with coffee and cake at a local garden centre where I also bought this beautiful rose called Perfect Pet,  Pet being the nickname of my protagonist. Hope it's a lucky omen.
Oh what a busy bee I've been! Too busy, in fact, to update this site.! The slow, painstaking job of making the edits to the first draft continues with me (ably assisted by Mum)  manually making the changes to the text. This includes redoing all the speech marks as we've just realised that half way through my computer conveniently 'forgot' how to make them! We are about two third of the way through and are filling every spare moment in the hope it can be emailed off before I have my two week break from work in August.
Meanwhile, those clever artistic folk at Dynamo have finished the front cover colouring and I can't believe how good it looks, scroll down and dare to tell me you don't want to buy this book. This has now been sent to Matador who have produced some fantastic press packs to push my work to trade. The wheels are beginning to turn towards getting 'Ley Ryders' to hit bookshelves so you can see why I'm so eager to plough on with my redrafting. We have a 'soft' launch date of 28th November which is closer than it sounds so we will have to start getting things in order (once I've actually sorted out these ****ing speech marks!). We hope to arrange a signing and official launch around then so stay tuned for the details.