All About Holly

Hi there, glad you've dropped by! Let me say a little bit about myself.
 I'm Holly and I'm a writer, blogger, artist, graphic designer and all-round trouble maker! I've published a trilogy of fantasy books called 'The Jersey Demon Trilogy which you can find out about by clinking the book tab at the top of the page.
When  I'm not working on my books , I work three days a week as a designer and media assistant at CHEC , a social firm that produces small run personalised clothing and gift items.
In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing with my niece Amber, watching films, visiting National Trust properties, drawing, and taking part in quizzes.
I'm an avid theatre goer with a passionate love of musicals, in  particuliar the Rocky Horror Show.
Oh, I also have Cerebral Palsy but that's pretty boring!